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Our Story

Why Choose Elevate for Your Home Care Needs?

Statistics show that as baby boomers begin to deal with the prospect of their own age, they are faced with a more immediate problem – their aging parents. In the coming years, 53 million baby boomers expect to be caring for their elderly parents. In essence, we will spend more time taking care of our parents than we did raising our children.

We began VISIT-N-CARE In-Home Assistance in response to this dilemma, and as a way to help alleviate some of the burden and stress that comes from caring for an aging parent.

Caregiving is a demanding and difficult job that few are equipped to handle alone. Getting help is essential for your health and wellbeing. At VISIT-N-CARE, we are committed to providing you and your family with the most compassionate, dependable and flexible services available. Care plans are customizable and you and your family member will maintain all control.

Family Members Choose Elevate Because:

VISIT-N-CARE’s goal is to greatly reduce the amount of emotional and physical stress on families by performing all non-medical homecare duties, so that families can spend less time worrying about their senior family member, and more time simply loving them.

Our caregivers help seniors at home and provide a vast array of homecare services, including companionship, light housekeeping, medication dispensing and so much more.

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Phoenix Home Health Care Services

VISIT-N-CARE In-Home Assistance provides a multitude of non-medical and health care services for seniors and their loved ones. To make it easier for you, we have listed a few of our most popular services below. Your needs may vary but it has been our experience that our collective goal is to attain long-term independence and peace of mind. VISIT-N-CARE, your phoenix home health care provider, helps you with that independence in the following capacities:

Home Health Care

In collaboration with leading care providers in the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Sun City metropolitan areas, VISIT-N-CARE will assist you with all of your home health care needs. This includes getting prescriptions filled, home health therapy, live-in caregivers and so forth.

Companionship Services

Most seniors battle with depression due to being alone for the first time in 40 or 50+ years, as well as with conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and even Sundowner’s. Your mother or father might be in this very situation. Our companionship service keeps your loved ones mentally active with one-on-one conversations, games and other physically or mentally stimulating activities. We will continue to update you on their status and progress through our state-of-the-art documentation service.

Live-In Home Health Care

If you are looking for a live-in caregiver for safety reasons, VISIT-N-CARE is your answer. Our caregivers are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And at VISIT-N-CARE, you will never be charged extra for anything, including holidays.

Hospice Care

Caring for your loved one who is in a hospice is very difficult. Our hospice home health care attendants can assist you in providing comfort for your loved one during this most difficult time. We tailor our hospice care toward increasing the comfort level of our members during the last chapter of their life, and providing assistance around-the-clock alleviates stress for you as well.

Companionship Services

Sometimes just a little extra help is needed for seniors or anyone who is recuperating from an illness or injury. Our personal care services can help you with bathing, transferring from wheel chairs and even incontinence care, to name a few.

Post Surgery Care

While recovering from a surgery, we understand that you don’t want to be a burden on your family. This is why we’ve created a care package specifically for post surgery care. From assisting you with rehabilitation to taking care of your meal preparations, laundry and medication reminders, our caregivers will be there to help so you can get back to optimum health.

A Message from Our Founder


As you may have experienced with your own family, care giving is not an easy task. We have experienced it ourselves, firsthand, while caring for a loved one who battled breast cancer for five years and an elderly mother who needs to go to the hospital three times a week for dialysis.

Being aware of the challenges of providing care for loved ones, we founded VISIT-N-CARE In-Home Assistance, as a way to help resolve these challenges for others. Our purpose was simple and powerful, and our mission, from the beginning, has been “to make life easier and to reduce stress for individuals, families and organizations.”

Since we began VISIT-N-CARE, we have had the privilege of helping many families regain their independence, and have provided much needed peace of mind to many. We are proud to say that we are fulfilling our purpose in all the communities we serve. People just like you have started calling our caregivers “son” or “daughter” because of the close relationships that have been forged.

We promise to always provide the best in homecare services, however those services may be suited to your loved one’s needs. We are the only professional care organization that allows families several care options, customization and flexibility. You always maintain control and have many choices when it comes to in-home care. And with VISIT-N-CARE, you are not just another client. You are part of our extended family.

If you are looking for the best in homecare services, we believe you have come to the right place. However, if you decide otherwise we wish you and your family the very best.

Kind regards,

Dave Rumicho

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Phoenix Home Health Care Benefits


Is your loved one safe at home? Are they at risk for a fall? The answers to these questions are why people seek our home care services. Our caregivers can assist you with live-in care, hourly care or even provide you with a sitter service


Care giving for your loved one is rewarding but can also take a tremendous amount of precious time and deprive you of your independence. We assist your loved one to live independently at home so you have more time to take care of your life’s needs and retain your own independence.

Peace of Mind

The constant feedback we provide on your loved one ‘s status will reduce anxiety and give you peace of mind.


The ultimate care giving decisions should always be with you. VISIT-N-CARE In-Home Assistance allows you to maintain complete control in regards to your loved one’s care. No long-term contracts and complete freedom and peace of mind.


Your caregivers are held to an excellent standard when it comes to providing care. With VISIT-N-CARE non-medical home care, you are not just another client. You are a member of our extended family.


You do not have to lose your freedom of choice. That’s why the choice is always yours in regards to your or your loved one’s care, the caregiver assigned to you, or the services you receive.

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Home care typically refers to any kind of care (medical or non-medical) that is provided to patients in their own homes. Today, this terminology has come to mean non-medical care such as companionship, light housework or personal care services.

Home care typically refers to any kind of care (medical or non-medical) that is provided to patients in their own homes. Today, this terminology has come to mean non-medical care such as companionship, light housework or personal care services.

Home care typically refers to any kind of care (medical or non-medical) that is provided to patients in their own homes. Today, this terminology has come to mean non-medical care such as companionship, light housework or personal care services.

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